Live Wine Tasting & Food Pairing | Week 1 | 19 April 2020

March 23, 2021

Join us online every Sunday at 16:00 for interactive live wine tastings with award-winning Cellar Master & Winemaker, Johann Fourie, until 24 May 2020. It’s fun, free – and an hour’s break from self-isolation and lockdown! On Sunday, 19 April, Johann hosted the online wine tasting with Barry Anderson, our resident UK wine expert, and […]

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#4 Sandalwood as we Know it By: Dr. Dhanushka (Danny) Hettiarachchi

March 18, 2021

Since ancient times sandalwood is revered in oriental cultures as an essential ingredient in medicine, perfumery, cosmetics and religious activities. Heartwood of the Indian sandalwood (Santalum album) has been the historical source of sandalwood. Colonisation in late 17th century has introduced more species of genus Santalum from the Pacific region and Australia with unique olfactory […]

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