10 Pets That Ate Their Owners

10 Pets That Ate Their Owners

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10 Pets Who Ate Their Owners
Pets are adorable. They are cute, furry and are amazing companions. Whether you prefer cats, dogs, or
furry little chinchillas, it's impossible not to love them.
But love them as you may, they sometimes show a terrible side— a side you would never have believed.
Sometimes, these pets do something so despicable, so horrifying, so flat out destructive, that they
cannot be forgiven. Sometimes, they devour their owners.
And today, we'll be taking you through the most grisly stories involving these pets. Get ready, boys and
girls, coming up are ten stories of pets who decided to devour their owners.
#10 A Woman, Her Hamster, And A Strange Incident
Hamsters are generally harmless pets. No one would even think of a hamster when considering animals
who could kill their owners. But this story shows that thinking may just be flawed.
In this strange incident, a woman was found dead in her apartment. This, of course, is a sad occurrence,
but it isn't too uncommon. However, what made the incident strange was the fact that her pet hamster
was feasting on her. Now, again, this isn't too strange if you consider that she may have died of a heart
If that had happened, it would not be too shocking to discover that her hamster would feast on her
dead body.
Now, what made this story extremely strange, is the fact that there were strange markings on her face.
After careful investigation, investigators discovered that the woman owned a free-range, golden
hamster. Upon further investigation, a more macabre sight was found.
Right inside one of the drawers inside the house, was a terrible and downright grotesque sight. It was
the hamster's burrow, and it was made of human skin, fat, and muscle tissue.
This hamster hadn't only feasted on its owner, it had also made its new home from the body of its
owner. Now, that is some terrible stuff.
#9 The Family Ferret And The Child
Many families own two beings that shouldn't exist in the same place; a ferret, and a baby. They do not
know this, but ferrets are dangerous animals, and babies are especially defenceless. While many families
think that ferrets are agile and cute, they fail to realise that ferrets have other properties too.
For one, they have a sharp pair of piranha-like teeth and have a taste for flesh. Ferrets are basically like
little furry vampires.
One day, a Missouri family was awakened by the crying of their child. They guessed only two things.
One, he might be hungry, or two, his diaper may need changing. Never in their wildest imagination
would they have guessed what they saw when they walked into the nursery.

They met their bloodied child crying because their pet ferret had eaten seven of their babies 10 fingers
off. Thankfully, they were able to take their baby to the hospital for recovery, and they managed to kill
the ferret. Amazingly, that's not the only example we know of where ferrets tried to kill a baby. In
another example, a couple came to their drawing-room to meet their newborn baby being eaten alive
by their three pet ferrets!
#8 Mark Voegel And The Deadly Spider
Mark Voegel was a thirty-year-old from Germany who had the misfortune of owning an army of exotic
pet spiders, snakes, termites, and a gecko. Mark often kept these pets in a cage, because he understood
how dangerous they were.
But of all his pets, one was especially dangerous, and Mark knew it. However, sometimes even
foreknowledge cannot help you. One day, the inevitable occurred, and the pet that Mark was the most
scared of, a black widow spider, escaped the cage.
And from then onwards, it was game over. Although black widow spider bites rarely kill people, they can
cause muscle cramps. And this muscle cramps can paralyze one to the stage where they cannot call for
help. It seems this was precisely what happened to Mark. Once he was attacked by the spider, it was
over. Soon after, all his pets escaped from the cage he put them in, and they decided to feast on him.
When investigators found Mark's body, it was covered in cobwebs, and they estimated that he must
have been dead for seven to fourteen days.
#7 Never Keep A Wolf Dog
Even ordinary dogs are dangerous— now imagine wolf dogs that are splice between regular dogs and
wolves. Wouldn't they be even more dangerous?
Of course, they would. But this didn't stop Sandra L. Piovesan. Sandra had raised a pack of nine wolf
dogs all on her own, and she was extremely devoted to them. However, it seemed that the love only
went one way. She was devoted to them, but they certainly were not devoted to her.
One day, after she missed a meeting with her daughter, her estranged husband went out to look for her,